To promote learning, JIACOFE implements a multifaceted education program in Primary Schools and Communities. We support schools to have a safe and friendly learning environment for all pupils to stay, learn and complete their education by constructing, equipping classroom blocks and establishing sanitary facilities. A number of stakeholders including but not limited to children, parents, teachers, local leaders and likeminded civil society organizations are also mobilized to participate in children’s learning by encouraging them to play their role in ensuring quality education. This is achieved through establishing school clubs which are plat forms for children to participate in different school activities fostering children’s rights, co-curricular activities, Music dance and drama, debate and reading. They are equipped with age appropriate sexual reproductive health information and life skills to enable them cope with challenges that come with adolescent age. Community dialogue meetings are organized to create awareness among children and parents on the value of education, participatory school governance and positive parenting.

The above interventions are premised on the notion that quality  education  is  a  powerful  tool  that  can  transform  society,  by  inculcating  positive  moral and cultural values, building people’s intellectual and ideological   principles,   and   steering   the country  towards  social  economic  growth  and  development.