Access to safe water

Safe and readily available water is important for public health. Everyone has the right to sufficient, continuous, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic use which is not the case in most parts of rural areas in Eastern Uganda.

In an attempt to reduce on water borne diseases, cost of safe water, distance to the source and insecurity involved in searching for water, JIACOFE strives to install clean water

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Micro Enterprises for Household Income

Children are more likely to be healthy and educated when their families are not worried about where the next meal, hospital bill, school dues, shelter, cloth will come from. Families need support to grow and be able to meet their financial obligations for their children to thrive. To prevent children from dropping out of school and to improve their well-being, households must have an economic activity from which they earn a living on a daily basis.

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Poultry project in Nakanyonyi PS

Youth unemployment remains a serious challenge in Uganda. Causes of youth unemployment are believed to be multifaceted ranging from inadequate supply of jobs to insufficient employable skills.

JIACOFE places greater emphasis on promoting alternative employment initiatives and skills development for out of school youth which can enable them earn an income and fend for themselves.

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JIACOFE employs participatory approaches to identify community
needs, plan for interventions, implement and regularly monitor
project implementation. This is achieved through community
reflections by engaging various stakeholders such as children,
youth, parents and other civil society organizations.

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Our Location and Coverage
We operate in 6 communities situated in 3 Districts from Eastern Uganda
  1. Buwenge, Jinja District
  2. Wanyange, Jinja District
  3. Kamuli, Kamuli District
  4. Buwuda, Kamuli District
  5. Buwaaya, Mayuge District
  6. Imanyiro, Mayuge District